Rudy Black Plume

Rudy Black Plume - Iitsikiitsapoyii (Standing On Top Alone) is a digital artist and elementary school teacher from the Kainai Nation (Blood Tribe, AB). Rudy has worked with many mediums but has come to find that digital art is her niche and her best tools are an IPad and an Apple Pen. Rudy’s art is rooted in her love for the Blackfoot culture and the land of her people; she draws inspiration from Niitsitapi theology, ontology and ways of knowing. Black Plume believes art has the ability to broaden perspectives, bring people together and heal our spirits. Rudy’s art practice is reflective of her experiences as an Indigenous person living in a world that lacks representation of our stories and worldviews. She believes that representation is crucial to our lived experiences, as it helps to shape how we envision ourselves and how we are perceived by others. She hopes that her art helps Indigenous peoples to feel validated in their existence and inspires all peoples to continue to learn more about Indigenous histories, cultures, and ways of knowing.